You asked, we listened. Take a look at some of the new features coming in January & February


Over the past few weeks, I’ve really appreciated the supportive comments, helpful feedback and positive requests for features that STDC folks missed or wanted. As mentioned, my primary reason for transferring to hobbyDB was so that I could provide the features the Hot Wheels community has been asking for, but was unable to provide with a team of one (after all there was only me). Now I’m part of a team that is working hard to make sure that your experience is better than ever before. After more than 50 demos with some of you and a series of team meetings, we’ve created an action plan to address and prioritize the items that have been brought to our attention.

Below you will see the list of features we plan on adding in the next couple of months. I will continue to update this road map with new features, so feel free to check back as often as you’d like. If you have any suggestions, we want to hear from you. We also are hosting site demos for anyone who wants to learn more about how to use hobbyDB. If you’d like to attend a demo, please email us at (we like doing these as we are learning a lot about how people use the site).


Here our plan for January and February (I will blog and post Facebook updates about new features as they happen).

Quick Add function

This will allow you to check multiple displayed items to bulk add them to your collection. If you like to later document more information such as the price you paid, where you bought it, storage location, etc you can do that in your collection Management console.


Production History on series such as 2015 Mainline

This is similar to the table view (Production History) that is available on the current casting pages:

Sample Production History
Sample Production History

The ability to print-out checklist sheets

You will be able to print from subjects (such as 2015 Treasure Hunts) and create checklists of the subject contents (List of Treasure Hunts), items currently in your collection, and items in your wish list.


Price Guide

A much more updated system for reflecting estimated values for items in the catalog. These will be updated by the community and will reflect current values based on online sales history including hobbyDB, conventions, eBay, Scoomer, The Toy Peddler and other venues that you can buy Hot Wheels from.


Ability to change item (casting) default view

Currently the default view is the Variant view.  The other view that is available, Production History (see above for an example), has to be selected each time an item is viewed. This update will allow you to choose your default view in your account profile.