The Original Hot Wheels Entertainment Series


In 2013, Mattel/Hot Wheels introduced a new series called Retro-Entertainment (and has recently been shorten to just Entertainment) with model vehicles that were represented in major Television and Motion Picture franchises.  However, this isn’t the first time Hot Wheels has had a series called Entertainment.

In 2004 and 2005, Hot Wheels released several sets called Entertainment 2-Packs.  These were sets with two mainline vehicles, decorated with subjects from several different animated series and a couple from World Wrestling Entertainment.  These 2-Packs usually had a battle theme (such as Batman vs. Mr. Freeze and Yu-Gi-Oh vs. Summoned Skull).

When introduced, these were fairly popular and some of the sets disappeared quickly.  In 2004, there were 17 sets released and only 6 releases in 2005.