Introducing the New Marketplace, Hot Wheels Newsletter Book, Redlines to Treasure Hunts DVD, Casting Identification Tool, and Treasure Hunt Pricing

It’s been a good summer so far and we’ve been working hard on some requested features and updates.

New Hot Wheels Marketplace

We have added a new STDC Hot Wheels Marketplace to the site, powered by hobbyDB.  Users can search for specific Hot Wheels items and also filter by seller or shipping by countries.  All hobbyDB exclusives are available in the STDC Marketplace.


HW Newsletter Casting Guide 

Authored by Jim Garbaczewski, editor of the Hot Wheels Newsletter and Co-Author of Tomart’s Price Guide to Hot Wheels, the HW Newsletter Casting Guide to Hot Wheels is full of all the same great images and information you’ve come to expect, and covers all known models released between 2008 and 2017. The book will have 160 pages in full color and will be available late 2017 or early 2018.  The list price of the book is $34.99.  If you preorder the book you can save $10.00.


Redlines to Treasure Hunts DVD

Daniel Hornberger has released the long awaited documentary Redlines to Treasure Hunts on DVD.  The 84 minute presentation covers the Hot Wheels culture, collectors, and customizers.  There are also some nice extras including early Hot Wheels commercials.   You can order this DVD for $20.00 plus shipping in our new Hot Wheels Marketplace.


Casting Identification Tool

Although most Hot Wheels cars have the casting name on the baseplate, there are a few exceptions when there is only a copyright date.  For someone who is just starting to collect Hot Wheels, it can be difficult to know what you have and when it was actually released.  The hobbyDB website now has a Baseplate (by year) information page that lists castings that have specific copyright years on the base.  Click on the baseplate year, which is located on the left side, and it will display the castings that have that year on the base.  By clicking on the casting and then clicking the blue xx variants button, the page will display all the versions of the casting.  It’s simple to use and a very useful tool.


Treasure Hunt Pricing

Another new feature on the hobbyDB webpage that was released is a new pricing guide.  We’ve started adding sales history and values to thousands of Hot Wheels items.  The sales history feature was tested on all the Treasure Hunt entries with great success.  While viewing an item, the value table shows the high and low sales prices, median, and average across several time periods.

Casting List Links Updated

The Casting Links have been updated to show all the versions instead of an example of the casting.  A small percentage of the 2,500 + links still may have an issue.  These will be corrected during the week of May 14-21.  If a new casting has more than one release, it will be added this week as well.